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 In the past, I was a person who liked to watch TV shows. How is it? Because TV shows and there are so many programs for us to watch, whether it"s comedy or entertainment programs that make us colorful. In life, more for anyone who likes the most is the Ching Roi Ching Lan program that is broadcast on Sundays. Sit and watch regularly and I can watch the tapes from time to time because of it. Have fun and make me laugh a bit. Today I sit sad or I will smile on the 6th day. I will regret it. It"s a life story of what a great opportunity came into my life and I never thought that. It"s going to be a living story and I don"t want the business or them to fall apart in the slightest. Introducing the country"s top-watched comedy shows that will make us money and laughter. But without the good support of being a viewer these shows would be gone, but I definitely don"t want a good show like this to end because it was able to create. Smiles and laughter as well as happiness and more.

ผู้ตั้งกระทู้ :: วันที่ลงประกาศ 2022-05-10 21:51:44

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